Privacy policy

By registering for economic experiments, you indicate your interest to participate in experiments conducted by UWA researchers. You will receive separate invitations to participate in individual experiments. You can always choose to decline the invitation to participate.

Rules for laboratory experiments
    • For each experiment, a certain number of registered persons will get an invitation email. Only the invited persons have the right to take part in the experiment.
    • If you would like to participate in an experiment that you are invited to, please respond to the email and attend promptly.
    • Every participant who is invited to an experiment and shows up on time will be compensated by a show-up fee. For some experiments there may be too many invited participants, but even if you are not required you will receive the show-up fee.
    • Participants will usually be compensated in cash. The amount depends on the participant's and other participants' decisions during the experiment.
    • If you agree to take part in an experiment please bear in mind that if you do not turn up or turn up late then the experiment might be cancelled due to a lack of participants.

Rules for internet Experiments

The rules for Internet experiments will be announced at the registration page for the specific experiment.
Privacy policy
Participant data bank
    Data collected through the “Recruitment System” will not be communicated to any third party outside the entity carrying out the experiment. This data will be used for selecting and inviting participants and for knowing who was invited but declined to participate.

    There is no linkage between the data collected by the Recruitment System and the data generated by the experiments.

    Any participant has the right to request not to be invited again.

    On request, personal information collected by the Recruitment System can be completely deleted. The person needs only to send a written request to [email protected], making this request.

Experimental data
    The experimental data are generated by the decisions that participants make. This data will be made anonymous and used solely for scientific and statistical analysis, the results of which will be published. No participant will be able to be identified. In this sense participation in experiments is anonymous.
Do you agree with the rules and the privacy policy?

For questions please contact [email protected].